If you work in an agency, you seek writers who specialize in measurable skills, like email sequences or product descriptions. You get uniformity – their standard output ensures your clients all get a comparable level of service.

That’s at least one specialist for each aspect of the work you do – for the Web, for Social Media, for SEO, and more. Your writers are all solid, yet they’re not ace.

But say you need flexibility instead – for pivots, crises or other contingencies further down the road. Your specialists will always stay within their comfort zones. When you need life-saving creativity, you want an ace writer on board.

If, on the other hand, you are a business, with one key product or service to promote, and you do it across many channels and in any number of ways that crop up over time, you need a versatile writer, with experience across the board. One who’s done it all. One who can swiftly adapt to – and excel in – any format, any opportunity, any circumstance. Someone like me, who always delivers the results you may need.

Things to know about me if you need a Copywriter

My first gig as a Junior Copywriter was magical. The team that I joined won top national advertising awards three years in a row. Since then, I’ve written for many sectors, the world over. But I still draw on the lessons I learnt then.

Website writing

I produced and wrote my first HTML website in 1999. When I learned CMS tools through trial & error, I wrote an e-book about website writing (in Serbian). Still relevant, it closes on the 20 thousand readers mark. Now, when I write sites about advanced tech, once I get the structure right, everything else – SEO, the word volume, the tone of voice – it all just falls into place.

SaaS copywriting

All tech businesses are not created equal. Hence writing for B2B universe need not be dull. There is drama and hope behind every invention. That tension can be riveting if it is told well. I have written SaaS collateral for decades now. I still enjoy bringing that inner suspense into focus.

Technologies I cover

  • AI
  • Blockchain & Crypto
  • Cloud & Digitization
  • Data Management
  • FinTech & InsureTech
  • Healthcare
  • IoT
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Mobility & Travel
  • Telecommunications

Writing short copy

A younger colleague once asked me how I know if I’ll be able to write a great slogan or a tagline. Puzzled, I asked her what she meant. She was curious to know, she explained, when I am certain I have a good idea, versus when I eventually give up. Oh, every time, I replied. I work on any message until it’s perfect. The trick is to just not give up.


When I was beta-testing his book Wise Guy, Guy Kawasaki asked me how I became such a good editor. I edited several chapters of a user manual for a new data management system at CERN. I come from a family of writers and editors – I guess that explains it.


Long ago, I translated medieval plays in rhymed verse, performed live interpretation of Oscar nights and movie premiers at festivals, for TV & live audiences, and interpreted for official and business delegations (e.g. at Vatican). I oversaw a team of 15 translators in an assembly-line-style translation and localization of a serialized encyclopedia. We did one tome per week. Not bad for a hobby.

Pursuing a childhood dream, I’ve made a living as a professional writer the world over. I’ve worked in several different languages and cultures, but I haven’t yet come across a story that I couldn’t improve.

Do you have failed copy you want improved? Or do you need memorable copy written from scratch?

Forget ordinary writing. Get ace writing instead.