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Employment years are rare in my long career; I’ve only had a handful. I was a gig worker before it was a thing.

After working in creative roles and industries for many years, I became a consultant by chance. You can read the details of that first stint here.

Strategic Communications Consultant

The Strategic Marketing method is this: process trade publications, market research, SWOT and more and express a business goal creatively. In my first pitch, I reversed it. I used all that to create a new business goal. It proved much easier than creative expression (needs no special talents). So, soon I was selling a bold package: “strategic turnarounds in under a month”.

Capacity Development Consultant

In International Development, I have worked at all levels – from capacity substitution to capacity development. Knowledge Management or Results-based Management are often in the picture, as is training. I now mostly develop Web & Social Media content and manage Communication channels.

Digital Media Consultant

ICT has fascinated me since I was a tween. I hunt for the newest innovation daily. I love the fact that I can strategize and tweak the details in the back-end myself.

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To this day, I combine my strategic savvy from Marketing, my innate journalistic judgement, the presentation powers from my media background and my keen curiosity for innovation into ever more high-reaching consulting roles.

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Contractual arrangements can only flow through my company, Compass Communications, as a subcontractor.