What you might want to learn about me if you need a trainer

Say you are looking for a Communications trainer. Someone with experience both offline (face-to-face) and online, with a track-record in live and recorded teaching alike.

Say you need someone who has worked with small groups and large auditoriums and kept them all engaged and learning. Someone whose material is up to date and adapted to the audience at hand. Someone versatile, who can take on any training role. Someone like me.

Bio fragment relevant for your search

After a dynamic decade in Asia and North America, I returned to Belgrade, Serbia. Locally, that decade was marked by wars and isolation; a tenuous reform was underway when I arrived.

My everyday know-how, good practices, procedures and work standards – all of it was precious material for building the communications skills of individuals, teams and organizations. After I realized that, I started working as a Trainer.

Face-to-face Training

During more than 15 years of designing and delivering trainings, I have earned a reputation of someone who can explain complex topics simply, provides the most current examples and finishes the sessions exactly on time, every time.

Capacity Development

Since 2002, I have participated in several reform and capacity development projects, large and small, financed mostly by UNDP or the European Union. Over time, I provided my own capacity development programs to commercial clients.


As a pioneer of remote learning, I had set a standard for live synchronous webinars in Serbian language, still unmatched. Between 2008 and 2011, I hosted one open webinar per month, free of charge. These sessions were watched or heard by thousands. You can learn more here.

Career Coach

My work experience spans three continents and multiple sectors, and includes varied roles in recruitment. This is the basis of my career-fostering tools, such as interactive forms, CV optimization and coaching. Working with NGOs, I empower members of vulnerable groups to improve their career prospects.

Here is the select list of teams whose members attended my courses

AIESEC Serbia, Apatin Brewery, Carlsberg Serbia, CHF Serbia, Coca-Cola HBC, Comtrade Group, Delta Generali, Diplomatic Academy of Serbia, Europlanet, FIDECO, Hemofarm, Goša Institute, IREX Serbia, Kreativa Unlimited, Link Group Business Academy, MARBO Product, Noris Business Skills Academy, Obrazovni informator, Piraeus Bank, PRA Business School Of Public Relations, PUC Belgrade Power Plants, Faculty of Andragogy of the University of Belgrade, Serbian Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Serbian Ministry of Defense, Serbian Ministry of Finance, Serbian Ministry of Energy & Mining, Talent Box, UNDP Serbia, Serbian Journalists’ Association’s School of Web Journalism, Serbian Treasury, Women at the Turning Point Association, as well as many municipal administrations, media companies and other organizations, in Serbia and beyond.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities?

I occasionally organize my own training sessions or alternatively, join other training providers. Contact me for more details about topics, formats, duration and dates.