If you live in interesting times and your life and career zigzag as a result, it may be tricky to tell your story concisely. As hard as I strive to abridge my long and winding career, this is the shortest version I am able to offer.

Short bio

Maja Vujovic is a book editor, a writer, and an international communications expert, experienced in business writing and public speaking. Following a journalistic career in both electronic & printed media, she has worked as a copywriter and strategist in Europe, Asia, and North America. Maja is also an e-learning pioneer and an effective trainer, who empowers individuals, teams, and vulnerable groups. As a consultant, Maja works at a crossroads of digital media and education.


  • 1986 Buys first PC (Amstrad)
  • 1987 Uses one of the first scanners in Europe, flown from Australia
  • 1993 Works on a clunky (and expensive) laptop, in Asia
  • 1996 Creates early multimedia on an LCIII Mac, in North America
  • 2004 Starts a blog, back in Europe (Crisis Analysis)
  • 2006 Learns CMSs (first Joomla, then WordPress)
  • 2008 Pioneers live e-learning via monthly open webinars, using DimDim (through 2011)
  • 2010 Embraces Open Source & the Cloud; switches to Linux
  • 2013 Starts following developments in AI
  • 2016 Builds her first chatbots
  • 2018 Starts as a beta-reader, but ends up editing Guy Kawasaki’s book Wise Guy
  • 2019 Helps edit CERN’s user manual for its data management worldwide