You’re launching a disruptive idea? Challenging the status-quo? Changing the world in your own way?

You need someone to help tell your story well. No cookie-cutter content and no plagiarized writing will do. You need an astute human who can write or edit like no one else.

Everyone needs someone like that — especially nowadays — they just may not realize it yet. (Give them time and they will.)

But you came to my story lab — by luck, keen intuition or word of mouth. That in itself gives you an edge. So welcome and congrats!

Let me guess:

  • Your book is not quite as good as you’d like it to be
  • Or great storytelling could help your feisty business leap far ahead
  • Or you need to explain your baffling innovation to all of its addressable normies, like, now!

Either way, you need to up your game in some compelling way. (We all do.)

It’s OK. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there myself.

But I don’t stay there. And I don’t leave anyone there, if I can help it. And I can help it better than most.

Be it as an editor, a writer, a trainer, or a consultant, I develop ideas, people and teams I work with. And that’s when their stories fully develop as well.

Here’s what you need to know about my AI-free service

It’s simple: I’m not a Luddite — quite the opposite.

I may use AI for tasks that I am slow at — making visuals, summarizing research, fine-tuning agreements, and so on.

I might even let it draft my routine emails. But if I tweak them to my own liking, they aren’t done fast, so that too is rare. (Hey, I’ve lots to say.)

But I don’t let AI come near my writing or editing tasks. It truly takes me longer to salvage run-of-the-mill, unexceptional writing, than it does to write something compelling from scratch.

Bottom line: using AI in flagship creative writing or editing just isn’t worth it.

Wait, flagship writing and editing — come again?

Flagship work is all I do now nowadays. I edit make-or-break book manuscripts, write key whitepapers and e-books, structure and set up pivotal websites. And I occasionally produce strategic slogans or taglines too. (For fluffy, effervescent tapestry of expendable daily content, feel free to use an LLM tool.)

Check out the main parts of my winding career in this short video. That wealth of know-how helps me help even the top leaders grow.

Mastering change

People say that change is complicated. That not everyone can pull it off.

It is complicated. I should know. I’m an activist, a broadcaster, a copywriter, an e-teacher, a trainer. And a publisher. A master of change.

I’ve changed careers, countries, languages, even continents – I went from Europe, to Asia to North America, and back. And I’ve helped many good stories become great along the way.

Here’s how it all works

Step 1

I seek out things about people that they take for granted about themselves. I polish those gems. I bring out their inner shine.

Step 2

Then my heroes change as well. They learn to see their inner strengths. This forever changes the way others see my heroes too.

Step 3

No matter how established they are, my heroes are surprised to see how much better even their work can still become. Then they quickly learn to use those inner strengths. Building on everything they did so well before, that self-discovery is what propels them from then on.

All my heroes grow from within. Their growth is true and organic and therefore unique. And that’s how any good story becomes truly great. (Not by copying anyone else’s journey or tale. )

Generative AI tools just cannot concoct that uniqueness. They don’t have it in their training set yet. Me and my heroes are always one step ahead.

And that’s how I know I can help re/define your story and your big picture too. I help you see and describe yourself clearly. I help make you unstoppable.

So you already got an edge by just reading this. Now imagine what can happen if you take the next step.

Do you want me to help you tell your story better?