Welcome to my story lab for unsung heroes. Let me guess who you are.

  • Your hectic business needs a powerful storyteller,
  • Or your seasoned team needs an energetic trainer,
  • Or your project lacks a multi-faceted expert (a jack of all trades),
  • Or your invention is mystifying and needs to be explained to other people,
  • Or your book is not as good as you hoped it would be,
  • Or you need to up your game in some other novel way.

It’s OK. You are not alone. We’ve all been there. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been there.

But I don’t stay there. And I don’t leave anyone there, if I can help it. And I can help it.

Be it as a writer, a trainer, or a consultant, I develop ideas, people and teams I work with. And then all of their stories improve as well.

How it all works

Step 1

I seek out things that people take for granted. I polish those gems. I bring out their inner shine.

Step 2

This forever changes the way my heroes are seen. Then my heroes change. They learn to see their inner strength.

Step 3

They learn to use their inner strength. From then on, that story of self-discovery is what defines them.

My heroes grow from within. That’s how any good story becomes great.

I’ve done this most often through writing. I’ve done it also through training – I know I’ve changed some of my trainees’ lives.

And although lines can get blurred between writing and consulting, and training and consulting can sometimes overlap too, I’ve expedited considerable change just as a consultant.

Mastering change

People say that change is complicated. That not everyone can pull it off.

It is complicated. I should know. I’m an activist, a broadcaster, a copywriter, an e-teacher, a trainer. And a publisher. A master of change.

Personally, I’ve changed careers, countries, languages, even continents – I went from Europe, to Asia to North America, and back. And I’ve helped make many good stories great along the way.

That’s how I know I can (re)define YOUR big picture, and your strategy too. And to boot, I can execute it in any number of communication channels, formats, and styles. Or I can teach your team how to execute it really well.

Are you changing industries? Or looking to grow? Or hoping to find a buyer? Launching a disruptive idea? Changing the world in your own way?

What do you wish your great story to be?

Do you want to define that next chapter together?